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General questions about ExtremeNode Linux cluster

1. Do you have Dual-Xeon configurations available ?

Yes, we offer both dual Xeon and dual Opteron configurations.

2. Does the rackmount enclosure provide power to blades, or does each blade require separate power ?

One of the key concepts behind ExtremeNode Linux cluster design is the independence. Each ExtremeNode Linux cluster has its own set of power source. In addition, each blade unit has its own power plug. This gives users the ability to turn on or off each blade servers independenlty though a remote access device.

3. Are ExtremeNode hot-swappable, in that removing one blade doesn't require downtime on other blades ?

As described on FAQ #2, our ExtremeNode Linux cluster does not use a power distribution back plan. Thus, you don't need to shut down other blade server in order to service individual blade server.

4. What integrated services does the enclosure provide ? (KVM, Ethernet hub, Power, etc..)

Our ExtremeNode blade enclosure currently does not offer integrated KVM, Ethernet hub or management modules. You can use our RLK150-8KVM LCD monitor to gain access to each ExtremeNode Linux cluster. More integrated services will be available soon.

5. Do you have price matrix available for academic institutions ?

Yes, we do offer special pricing for academic institutions. Please call for detail information.

6. Can you mix and match different type of blade node in for the ExtremeNode system ?

The key design concept behind ExtremeNode Linux cluster is the flexability. You can mix and match any EN2400 dual Xeon with EN6400 dual Opteron blade servers together.

Pricing Questions

1. Do you offer Government pricing or GSA ?

No, currently we do not offer GSA pricing.

2. Do you have price matrix available for academic institutions ?

Yes, we do offer special pricing for academic institutions. Please call for detail information.


Ordering Questions

1. What method of payments do you accept ?

We accept credit card (Visa, Master, Discover and American Express), cash on delivery (COD Cashier Check), COD Company Check (requires approval) and bank wire transfer as the method of payment.

2. Do you offer net terms such as Net 14, or Net Net 30 ?

Currently we do not offer net terms to small companies. However, we do offer net term to Government, Universities and Fortune 500 companies.

3. Do you accept Government or University Purchase Order ?

Yes, we do accept Government and University purchase orders. All we need from you is a hard copy of your signed purchase orders mail or fax to us. Please contact our sales engineers for detail information.

4. Do you accept Government Purchase Card or Credit Card ?

Yes, we do accept government purchase cards.

5. Do you accept Purchase Order from Fortune 500 companies ?

Yes, we do accept purchase order from Fortune 1000 companies.

6. Do you accept credit card for international orders ?

No, we do not accept credit cards for international orders. We only accept the bank wire transfer as the method of payment for international orders.

7. How long do you need to wait for bank wire transfer to clear ?

It varies from bank to bank. Typically, the domestic bank write transfer needs at lease 2 days to clear and the international bank wire transfer needs at lease 4 to 7 business days to clear.





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