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Does your project need enormous raw processing power but your department does not have the budget to afford it? The wait is over. Introducing the ExtremeNode AB-200 high performance Dual Pentium 4 Xeon blade node. Now you can have all the raw processing power you need and keep the spending within your department’s budget. Our ExtremeNode is unlike any traditional blade systems available on the market. As our name imply, we are using standard ATX motherboard rather then proprietary system board in our AB-200 dual Pentium 4 Xeon ExtremeNode system. This ability to utilize non-proprietary technology gives us the price advantage over other blade vendors. Thus we are able to pass the saving directly back to our customers.

Besides high performance processor, AB-200 also offers reliable dual channel DDR266 ECC/Registered memories to improve its data reliability. With Intel 7501 chipset, AB-200 dual Pentium 4 Xeon blade node delivers up to 4.21GB/s data transfer rate. To further improve our AB-200 blade node performance, we upgraded our hard drive system to use the next generation Serial ATA hard disk format. This upgrade helps our AB-200 blade node to achieve up to 150Mbyte/s data transfer rate for hard drive storage.

Combination of the high speed processor, high speed memory and high speed hard drive system give our customers the best price performance for their project need.





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